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Lost Opportunity for IT Specialists


In management consulting in the Federal government space, it’s all about which company is going to win the next big contract. Depending on the company’s current situation, landing a new contract usually means they’re going to need new employees to staff it. It often also means another company is losing a contract and will soon have the winning contractor poaching their employees. We see this a lot with IT Specialists. Though being caught in the crossfire is usually not a good thing, it can mean opportunity for savvy employees.

Let’s say Company A currently has a contract with the NSA, but lost the recompete to Company B. Company A has lost a revenue stream and likely will be forced to layoff some or all of the employees who supported that contract. Company B has a new stream of revenue, but needs to find the employees to staff the contract. The employees displaced by Company A will be at the top of the recruiting list for Company B. This is what presents opportunities for Company A employees.

But make no mistake: the opportunities won’t be there for long. Company B will be highly motivated to get their new contract staffed quickly. One of the best things you can do for yourself is seek out the opportunities in Company B and express interest in keeping your position. Sometimes this means having to choose between a retention bonus and a guaranteed position, but in this market, any time you can take a fully funded position on a multi-year contract, you are wise to forgo the retention incentive.

So get out there and make an opportunity happen! It shows initiative and accountability for your career success. At Binary, those qualities are highly sought after and appreciated. We strongly encourage anyone looking for a great employer to check out our job openings on our Career Page at If you don’t see anything you like, point your friends in our direction!

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