Accelerating time to value for customers through teamwork, collaboration, and transformational strategies.

CEO's Message

Wang-Rose-2 photo.jpgAs the founder and CEO of Binary Group, I am focused on two key drivers — customer results and corporate culture. Since Binary Group’s start, we have been Outcome Driven - making an impact quickly and cost-effectively for our clients. Applying our unique Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach  to every engagement, our teams can deliver results that are sustainable and provide long-term success for our customers. We achieve a thriving corporate culture through maintaining an environment that encourages employees to succeed personally and grow professionally.

Our mission is to deliver superior products, services, training, and strategies, enabling our customers to transform their business, accelerate mission success, and achieve ongoing performance. The strengths, skills, and diversity of our people supports the value, objectivity, and success that we bring to customer projects. While most companies are just now talking about saving their customers budget dollars and delivering cost savings, Binary continues its 17-year track record in reducing costs for our customers while delivering exceptional results quickly.

We foster a collaborative company culture and an organizational structure that promotes creativity, enabling our professionals to excel at every project. Binary teams operate effectively and efficiently, and every Binarian is dedicated to deliver first-class service to customers. 100% client referenceability is our mantra.

Continually innovating to provide strategic best practices, improved processes, and comprehensive training, as well as developing and customizing vital new products and technology solutions, support the immediate and changing needs of our customers. By focusing our efforts in the practice areas of Financial Management, Health, Program Management, and Cybersecurity, and offering mission critical solutions -- technology solutions, data analytics, enterprise architecture, training, workshops, consulting -- Binary can address today's challenges quickly and cost-effectively, accelerating value for our customers.

Beyond achieving our corporate goals, we actively strive to fulfill our social responsibilities by supporting non-profit and relief efforts on a corporate level, and encourage our employees to participate in activities that help those in need.

As we look to the future, Binary will continue to lead the market with innovative methodologies and solutions that deliver rapid results for customers and performance management initiatives to maintain a formidable corporate culture. The government market is demanding change from contractors, and organizations can no longer afford program failures. Binary will continue to deliver superior outcomes, ensuring mission success for our customers and high performance from our employees.

Rose Wang
Founder & CEO