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Binary Group on Veterans Affairs Contract Team to Provide Benefit Assistance to Homeless Veterans

Binary Group will support Atlas Research on their recently awarded contract from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to create a screening tool for benefits and services, available to VA staff and Veterans. The project will help eligible homeless Veterans and Veterans at-risk to rapidly find and obtain mainstream benefits. The VA’s ultimate goal is to eliminate Veteran homelessness through the use of this and other supporting tools and programs.

Binary is providing the web solution by extending their product, HomelessConnections, delivering an accessible, user-friendly, mobile-enabled web application with local and national entitlement program information, to help Veterans understand and apply for non-VA benefits. The app will allow rapid research about and exploration of any available benefit and the related eligibility rules and documentation requirements that match.

HomelessConnections was developed for Project REACH, an innovation program launched by the VA in collaboration with HUD, HHS and Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, to identify mobile solutions that could better support homeless Veterans. HomelessConnections was the first of five mobile apps selected as finalists and a top technology application in the inter-agency challenge.

“We are honored to be working with Atlas to further extend HomelessConnections to help at risk and homeless Veterans across the country,” said Robert Damashek, Binary’s chief architect and program manager on the project. “The web app will be designed applying our unique Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™, using agile best practices to prioritize and support the outcomes that most address Veteran and VA staff needs. Binary will deliver an application that enables VA staff to better assist Veterans, so Veterans can easily apply for and receive benefits for which they are eligible.”

“Helping Veterans and other groups in need is a part of our corporate culture,” stated Rose Wang, Binary’s founder and chief executive officer. “Our company supports relief efforts and non-profits, including rapidly repurposing HomelessConnections to help Hurricane Sandy victims locate shelter and aid. We encourage employees to participate in community service programs, and recently supported Binarians participating in A-SPAN’s Rosslyn Walk for the Homeless in October, raising over $2,000 to support their programs and services assisting homeless, many of which are homeless Veterans.”

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