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Binary's Blog covers innovative and smarter approaches to driving success for Government IT projects, large scale initiatives, programs, acquisitions, performance management, technology innovations, information management, and other projects, providing leaders, managers, and acquisition specialists with government and industry best practices, strategies, tips, methodologies, points of view, research, interviews, case studies, news to improve outcomes and mitigate risks, as well as guiding principles and examples of "Outcome Driven" approaches that generate results quickly and cost-effectively.

To Pivot or not to Pivot…Top Six Considerations for your Agency’s Business Intelligence Solution

By , Director of Marketing and Sales Operations, Binary Group

Dashboards are all the rage now, with many agencies rushing to implement a dashboard solution so they can jump on the business intelligence (BI) bandwagon. Here are six areas of consideration to help your organization implement an effective BI solution that produces results that matter…

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Planning for Federal IT Initiatives to Reduce Costs can be as easy as Planning a Family Road Trip

By , Enterprise Architecture and Technical Sales Lead, Binary Group

According to a recent Meritalk study (reported by Nextgov, May 21, 2014), 300 federal network managers say pursuing a combination of data center consolidation, virtualization, cloud computing, remote access, application rationalization, and infrastructure diversification initiatives has the potential to save the Federal Government $20 Billion. That’s a lot of dough. However, these same managers are struggling to get these initiatives off the ground in order to reap the real rewards for a variety of reasons.

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