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Accelerating IT Investment Decisions Using an Outcome Driven Approach


IT leaders across the Government are facing a number of pressing information technology and information management decisions (IT/IM) at the enterprise level. One of the biggest challenges CIOs face is accessing, aligning, and analyzing the data from across the enterprise needed to adequately inform those decisions. So how can IT/IM leaders make data-driven decisions when their staff is spending all their time generating required reports that don’t provide the data needed to make IT investment decisions?

Understanding the Root of IDoc Errors


With the implementation of GFEBS, many financial management organizations have struggled with the complexities of new business processes and inherent automated system interfaces. One area of particular concern are Intermediate Document (IDoc) failures. These types of failures hinder an organization from a strong audit trail and require a great deal of time to investigate and reconcile – time that would be better spent undertaking more crucial FM matters and priorities.