Producing results quickly and cost-effectively with an agile and outcome driven enterprise approach.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Binary's data analytics and business intelligence capabilities enable agencies to make better and confident data-driven decisions, reduce report production time, improve productivity and analysis, trace performance to mission outcomes, and improve overall performance.

Without the right data, measures, reports, and key performance indicators, dashboards are just pretty pictures that don’t provide value.  Binary’s Performance Optimizer Dashboards™ puts the right data into action, providing better insight and analysis for actionable intelligence across the enterprise, so leaders and their team can make confident decisions.

With our in-depth knowledge in CFO / financial management, CIO / IT program management, and acquisition and contracting domains combined with 18 years of experience in data architecture, data governance, information assurance, knowledge management, database development, and data management, Binary can help organizations to plan and implement data analysis, business intelligence, and dashboard projects quickly to support analysis and decision-making in these areas and others:

  • Performance management
  • IT portfolio management and migration
  • IT spend and investment planning and budgeting
  • FITARA-related decisions
  • Property, plant, and equipment asset management and space utilization
  • Resource and cost management
  • Program management
  • Cybersecurity and physical security

Immediate Results and Value

Binary can greatly reduce your team’s workload immediately, and eliminate data inaccuracies and duplication efforts, so your team can focus on critical mission tasks and analysis that “moves the needle.”

One Version of the Truth

Organizations are challenged today with the sheer volume of data available to analyze, and struggle with pulling data from databases/sources, cleansing it, and ensuring its integrity, leading to multiple Excel spreadsheets or “versions of the truth.” Binary’s solution consolidates data into a single version of the truth, combining data exploration and graphic visualization in an easy-to-use, highly intuitive application. Binary’s goal is to help organizations ask rapid questions of their data and get immediate, real-time answers.

Interactive Dashboards vs. Spreadsheets

Excel is ubiquitous, often making it the ‘go-to’ tool for reporting and analytics. However, Excel is very inflexible, time consuming, and in many cases, it simply can’t get the job done. Users waste time developing pivot tables and calculations, and creating multiple spreadsheet versions, instead of spending time analyzing the data. When you add in the logical errors made in Excel spreadsheets (industry estimates 90% of spreadsheets contain these errors), this can lead to potential inaccurate information presented to leadership.

Performance Optimizer Dashboard

The Complete Picture

The Performance Optimizer Dashboards™ can work with hundreds of millions of rows of data, getting answers in seconds, providing real-time analytics with real-time data. Excel is limited to only one million rows of data, forcing users to analyze sub-sets of data or create multiple spreadsheets, preventing them from seeing the full picture and making good decisions.

Instead of simply measuring and reporting on required milestones and program metrics, Binary’s solution supports analysis, prediction, forecasting, and optimization, improving decision making and financial performance, as well as improving command-wide visibility across the organization.

Binary’s solution can rapidly move an organization from a spreadsheet production environment to an analysis-centric environment. Through smart data discovery - prescriptive analytics and interactive data discovery – Binary can enable ​leaders and their entire team to gain valuable insights from big data.

Dashboards with an Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™

Many organizations “rush to the dashboard” solution, only to find the data and KPIs do not help them make smarter decisions or provide any value. Applying our Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™, Binary creates a collaborative environment between Binary and our customers, accelerating planning and enabling decision making to ensure the dashboards delivered meet an organizations requirements and mission outcomes.

Binary’s Performance Optimizer Dashboards™ include the following capabilities:

Interactive Reporting: Highly formatted, print-ready, interactive reports with drill downs to underlying data, enabling ​users to immediately answer questions from leadership. Measurements and alerts can signal thresholds, limits, and issues early so they can be investigated and proactively addressed.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Visualized: Our dashboards are more than pie and bar charts depicting performances measures. Critical key performance indicators, shown through visualization, with filters and drill downs, allows users to gain insight that they could not see in spreadsheets. Heat and tree maps, geographic maps, scatter plots, and other special-purpose visuals are available, as well as visualization components -- sliders, checkboxes and maps -- displaying actual value of the measure compared to goals or target values. Explore data via visualization and data manipulation to ensure compliance management, as well as predictive analytics – trends and ‘what if’ scenarios -- for faster analysis and proactive decision-making.

Data consolidation and modeling: Data is consolidated into reports from multiple databases, including ERP, logistics, travel, contracting, and other system/database sources. New data sources or data sets can easily be added, and user-defined measures, sets, groups, and hierarchies are available to create different reports and visualization quickly and understand what your data is telling you.

Collaboration and alerts: Scheduling and alerts ​can be set up and sent via email and text when thresholds or goals are met or exceeded. Users can view the same dashboards and collaborate via discussion threads and annotations.

Integration: Binary’s Performance Ovation Dashboards™ integrate with Microsoft Office, including Sharepoint, so users can easily access and share dashboards across the organization.

Security and Administration: Binary’s solution is a development workbench for building reports, dashboards, queries and analysis, enabling creators of the dashboards to easily publish and create personalized distribution with layers of security, so users and sub-units see only data pertinent to them.

Training and Sustainment

Binary offers the most comprehensive and interactive training program to ensure high adoption and continued sustainment of the dashboards. Binary tailors training to build and sustain proficiency, ensuring organizations ​receive the full value from ​the dashboards. Training is based on role and responsibility (analyst, leader, etc.), presenting content relevant to each team member.

Dashboard publishers will be empowered to connect to ​additional data sources, create ​new KPIs and dashboards, and publish to users and groups. Binary’s training and over-the-shoulder support can quickly train publishers to leverage the dashboards, improving the analysis and decision-making across the organization.

Our solution is intuitive ​and easy to use at every level, enabling users to perform more complex types of analysis without extensive analytic or technical skills or asking for IT assistance.