Producing results quickly and cost-effectively with an agile and outcome driven enterprise approach.

Enterprise Program Management

Federal programs are under incredible scrutiny. With continued project delays, cost overruns, and lackluster deliverables, stakeholders – from the general public to government legislators and executives - are demanding that programs be more transparent and transforming, which adds layers of complexity to the management of these programs. At the same time, these programs are expected to be delivered on time and within budget and scope.

Binary’s foundation of IT/IM, engineering, and program management expertise, as well as applying our agile Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™ to every project, engages stakeholders across the enterprise and inter-agencies to define accurate and realistic requirements, create performance measurements, and deliver outcomes that align with an organization’s mission. Binary’s agile planning method produces results quickly, measured in weeks to a few months, implementing essential activities throughout the lifecycle for programs and acquisitions.

Binary assists program managers in conceptualizing, planning, executing, and transitioning their programs from the planning phase to delivering to end-users, enabling program offices to optimize resources, reduce costs, streamline processes, meet compliance, and mitigate risks for major acquisition programs, including:

  • ERP Systems
  • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)
  • Information Technology and Engineering

Binary has provided program management support for the Army PEO EIS, General Funds Enterprise Business Systems (GFEBS) PMO since 2005, one of the largest ERP deployments, providing functional, technical, compliance, security, business process reengineering, and GFEBS Tier II help desk services. Our team’s FM and technical expertise, knowledge of Army financial operations, coupled with applying our ODEA methodology, ensured a successful deployment to 53,000 users worldwide.

Binary helps organizations better understand, analyze, plan, oversee, fund and assess delivery of their enterprise programs in an agile, rapid, integrated, synchronized and resource effective manner. Binary’s capabilities include:

  • Engineering expertise to analyze system concepts, system design and interoperability
  • Acquisition planning and execution for improved performance through the lifecycle
  • System and software architecture
  • Strategy and policy guidance
  • Engineering and technical documentation
  • Independent evaluation and assessments of systems and technologies
  • Engineering change management
  • Information assurance support - certification and accreditation, network security, security training and awareness, vulnerability assessments, technical Integration, and multi-level security
  • Planning, coordination, and project management activities across the functional areas of requirements management and configuration management
  • Program management including
    • administration
    • resource management
    • contract management
    • budget/cost control
    • schedule development and maintenance
    • training management
    • operations management
    • logistics management
    • material management
    • physical security
  • Lifecycle budgetary and financial management support; Cost impact and cost benefit analyses
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Binary’s proven track record in systems engineering, integrated logistics, information assurance, and financial, operations and program management support has helped many DoD, Intel and civilian agencies to reduce acquisition costs and accelerate time to mission success.