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A Day in the Life of a Financial Management Warrior

Financial managers play a vital role for any organization, ensuring mission requirements are funded, resources are optimized, audit readiness requirements are met, the required financial management reports, business intelligence, and decision-making analytics are provided, and much more.

Introducing "A Day in the Life of a Financial Management Warrior," a humorous look at the daily challenges, issues, regulations, and responsibilities faced by the Federal financial management community, with resources, best practices, tips, news, and information to help financial managers overcome issues to ensure mission success and compliance, as well as improve productivity and ongoing financial performance.

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Army FM Units struggle to keep their team's skill sets on critical METL tasks and technical proficiency on GFEBS/FM systems up-to-date so they are ready to deploy at a moment's notice.  Read more on tips to cost-effectively train your team using relevant materials and interactive exercises, so they can carry out the mission successfully and avoid errors.

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With the implementation of GFEBS, financial management organizations have struggled with the complexities of new business processes and interfaces, including Intermediate Document (IDoc) failures. You can avoid IDoc errors through better business processes, improved technical proficiency, and quickly analyzing root causes through the use of business intelligence solutions.

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Increasing your understanding of the GFEBS system and processes, as well as that of your peers, will ensure that everyone is audit ready, whether it’s the GOA, DoDIG, or AAA.

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Financial audits and inspections are inevitable. Instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, there are actions financial managers can take to always be prepared for audit or inspections.

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