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FM•ja [FM-juh], FMjette - noun; FM•jas, FM•jettes - plural

Ninja illustration A member of the financial management community of warriors highly skilled in performing resource management, accounting support, cost management, accounts payable, audit readiness, internal controls, and performance management operations. Leveraging the power of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and financial management systems, FMJas™ execute critical financial management actions needed to support and sustain unified operations. Technically savvy with the ability to quickly query and analyze data for better decision making, FMjas™ ensure operational readiness, resource optimization, and mission accomplishment swiftly and effectively.

Connect to Federal Financial Management professionals, discuss your FM challenges with FMja™ subject matter experts, and learn about new ideas, approaches, and solutions that can help you become a highly skilled FMja™ for your organization.

A FMja™ excels in their responsibilities, expertly solving issues and errors, quickly performing tasks in support of their organization to:

  • Maximize purchasing power
  • Manage costs and optimize resources
  • Maintain fiscal compliance; Avoid Anti-Deficiency Act violations
  • Safeguard and account for public funds; Eliminate loss of funds
  • Leverage business intelligence and conduct analyses for better decision making
  • Provide accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and year-end reporting / certification
  • Implement controls, documentation and procedures to achieve audit readiness
  • Perform successful year-end close and FY start up

FMjas™ have the proficiency and knowledge to effectively fund current and changing mission requirements, lower the UFR line, and successfully support commanders and leaders in successfully accomplishing the mission.

FMjas™ also possess the understanding to execute the financial management core competencies through the FM end-to-end business processes and across thjavascript:void(0);e financial management domains.

Binary FMjas™:

Binary's Financial Management team of subject matter experts are highly skilled in full spectrum of Federal financial FMjette illustrationmanagement, including finance operations, resource management, accounting, audit readiness, and performance management. They have the required hands-on technical and functional expertise and in-depth knowledge of DoD's financial challenges and requirements, as well as a complete understanding of Federal financial reporting and analytic requirements.

Binary FMjas™ and FMjettes™ can enable every FM soldier and civilian to become a master of their financial management environment, achieving the highly coveted FMja™ status.

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