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Real Property, Plant & Equipment (PP&E)

Organizations need to effectively manage Real Estate assets, plant maintenance, and equipment in support of the DPW mission and in preparation for the 2017 Chief Financial Officer’s Audit (CFOA) of all government-owned Real Property. Is your DPW organization fully prepared?

DPW organizations have told us they are struggling with many issues, including:

  • Overall deficiency in the quality and completeness of the Real Property assets in GFEBS, and lack the staff to complete required records entry
  • Real Property information is scattered in folders and multiple paper documents making effective management impossible and violating compliance mandates
  • Lack of staff proficiency on GFEBS and accurately completing documentation
  • Unclear picture of property maintenance and repair costs and inefficient work order process
  • Lack of visibility on equipment warranties, essentially “wasting” funding on repairs and maintenance that are covered under warranty, or negating warranties
  • Inefficient and reactive process managing contractors for building and equipment maintenance or repairs
  • Lack of accurate information to do stationing or maximize building occupancy and facility utilization rates

Binary has supported Army customers for over 10 years to become highly proficient with all aspects of Property, Plant & Equipment and Financial Management, producing results in just days and weeks.  Some of our results include:

  • Quickly assessed a DPW’s PP&E accountability for valid and accurate data and records in GFEBS, discovering only 60-70% rate of completion against CFOA requirements. Our SMEs quickly validated data and updated records in GFEBS for accurate and complete PP&E accountability and reporting for better decision making.
  • Binary helped a DPW that was not keeping track of inspection reports. By realigning their processes and effectively using GFEBS, they quickly eliminated unnecessary inspections and saved dollars for more critical maintenance activities.

Property, Plant & Equipment Capabilities

Our ‘quick strike’ solutions and capabilities help organizations to meet CFOA requirements, achieve operational effectiveness, improve staff productivity and proficiency, and make data-driven decisions to identify cost efficiencies and issues that can negatively impact an organization’s ability to fund requirements.

Real Property Accountability Support to Prepare for Chief Financial Officers’ Audit (CFOA): Binary helps DPW organizations to improve the quality and completeness of their Real Property assets in GFEBS and hard copy folder documentation quickly and cost-effectively to comply with CFOA requirements: 

We start by conducting a Real Property Assessment:  Binary reviews a statistically significant sample of real property records, including a review of real property files, the correlation between the completeness of the GFEBS records and the condition of the physical property records, and the accuracy and completeness of records in GFEBS. An assessment report and plan to move forward to complete GFEBS records and hard copy folder documentation is provided.

Real Property Interactive Workshops: Binary offers a proven workshop solution that is agile and highly interactive, with over-the-shoulder training in GFEBS and business process improvements. Workshops are configured to address an organization's specific needs, with one or multiple areas being covered within a session.  Our PP&E Workshops cover all areas of real property accountability, CFOA compliance and internal controls, plant maintenance, space utilization, work notifications and orders, and GFEBS real property and ECC reporting modules. 

Consulting Services: Binary helps organizations to implement standard operating procedures and internal controls, streamline business processes, and provide teams with reach back support, improving operational efficiencies and productivity and enabling cost-effective ongoing sustainment of PP&E.

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