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Financial Management Training

Financial managers across the Army, DoD, Intel and civilian agencies face many challenges in successfully performing their responsibilities, properly funding mission requirements, and preparing for audit readiness. A lack of knowledge and understanding of core competencies and systems can cost an organization - loss of funds, interest penalties, higher costs, violations/fines, and the inability to support commanders with information to make critical resource-informed decisions.

This was hands down the best related training I have received in 19 years.

- Soldier, 33rd Financial Management Support Unit (FMSU) at Fort Drum, NY

Training and education is critical for achieving FM mission accomplishment and audit readiness. Unfortunately, agencies are coping with inadequate learning models, new systems and legacy technology, outdated training content and processes, and fiscal uncertainties.

Binary Group has created the most comprehensive and interactive training programs available today across the entire financial management spectrum — finance operations, resource management, SBR, reporting, and data analysis/BI - preparing FM soldiers and civilians to perform their responsibilities effectively and efficiently, reducing errors and time, and improving the team’s ability to support mission success while doing more with less resources.

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Binary’s cost-effective training programs are tailored to roles and responsibilities, quickly improving competency levels and confidence to support the mission. Binary's training programs cover the following areas:

  • Finance Operations: Commercial Vendor Services, Disbursing Operations (Cashier Operations, Disbursing Agent, and Deputy Disbursing Officer) with hands-on GFEBS/FM systems practical exercises
  • Resource Management: Comprehensive training ​in RM functional areas and GFEBS that enable an RM team to effectively meet the Army’s Joint Reconciliation Program (JRP) and complete daily responsibilities​to improve financial performance and provide accurate reports for decisions.

“Excellent training! Very, very useful for my future and hopefully we can get more training on GFEBS, as it is a very huge system and one mistake could cause a loss of funds and/or fine. This training is very helpful in preventing that.

- Soldier, 33rd Financial Management Support Unit (FMSU) at Fort Drum, NY

“Could not find another provider to do what Binary did for us (including the Army). The experience of the trainers and their knowledge of our systems was better than all other companies.”

FM Soldier at JTF-Bravo, Honduras.

Targeted, Relevant, and Real-Time Training, Guaranteed Results

Binary’s learner-centric training system, SMARTi™, focuses on optimizing the learning experience and knowledge retention for every student. Binary’s training programs effectively and cost-efficiently train the FM workforce to perform their jobs exceptionally.

SMARTi transforms training to a superior learner experience, providing cost benefits immediately and converts classroom experiences into collaborative problem-solving events with leading-edge content led by FM subject matter experts (SMEs) with extensive training skills and industry experience.

Instead of "death by Powerpoint," Binary's training is highly interactive, laser focused on specific problem areas of proficiency needs, and engages the participants so they come away with a better understanding of the overall process and how to complete their responsibilities and apply skills learned in GFEBS to complete tasks efficiently and accurately.

Binary Has Trained Thousands of Financial Managers

Binary has improved the proficiency of thousands of financial managers around the world, including finance operations managers, resource managers, budget officers, accountants, analysts and leaders on function and technical skill areas.

“The instructors were great, lively, and very smart – they made the class a joy to come to and keep our attention.

- Soldier, 33rd Financial Management Support Unit (FMSU) at Fort Drum, NY

Binary’s training successes include:

  • Army GFEBS PMO: Binary supported the successful roll out of GFEBS to 53,000 users; Binary continues to provide ongoing training and GFEBS help desk support
  • Army Soldier Support Institute’s Army Financial Management School (FMS): Provided course development and instructional design support for financial and cost management education courses and instructed the Principles of Cost Accounting & Management (PCAM), Intermediate Cost Accounting & Management (ICAM), GFEBS Cost Management, and GFEBS Financials courses at FMS
  • Multiple Army Financial Management Sustainment Units: Binary’s ​FM SMEs provided Finance Operations training on commercial vendor services, Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), cashier operations, and disbursing operations within GFEBS and other FM systems as well as manual processes
  • Multiple Garrison Resource Management Organizations:  Binary's FM SMEs provided over-the-shoulder training in GFEBS, business process improvements, and standard operating procedures to better meet JRP milestones, manage spend vs execution more effectively, clear IDoc errors and problem areas, and produce accurate reports for decision-making.
  • Walter Reed Army Institute for Research: Binary supported Walter Reed with resource management business process improvements, over-the-shoulder training in GFEBS, and help desk support
  • Binary’s training programs help our customers inculcate a cost culture, apply cost management best practices, and support better resource-informed decision making, enabling organizations to successfully fund mission requirements with less resources, harvest funds for unfunded requirements, and improve staff productivity, while ensuring the stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

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