Producing results quickly and cost-effectively with an agile and outcome driven enterprise approach.

​Strategic Consulting

Binary's consulting services incorporate our agile planning and delivery methodology, or Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™, defining and delivering mission, business, and IT outcomes through an outside-in, top down method that addresses user needs and organization requirements across the enterprise. Organizations urgently need to get a rapid handle on their diverse portfolio and identify resource optimizations and cost savings in order to successfully accomplish their missions.

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Binary applies this agile and 'quick strike' approach within the following consulting services we offer:

  • Strategic Enterprise Planning
  • Enterprise Architecture Development
  • Business Process Management / Modeling
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Business Systems Engineering
  • System Analysis / Design
  • Policy and Governance 

Enterprise Architecture

An effective future state architecture, streamlined and delivered rapidly, can be a great tool for supporting transformational change, agile development, big data issues, programs, and other enterprise efforts. Organizations can get to what’s relevant fast and discover the useful actions that impact operational efficiencies, accelerate decision making, and drive performance. Binary delivers streamlined architectures for outcome discovery, decision strategies, and implementation delivery that are

  • Focused on stakeholder requirements and critical mission outcomes
  • Created rapidly enough to respond to disruptions
  • Incremental, practical and affordable
  • Understandable, in decision maker terms
  • Insightful. using visual dashboards for comparisons and decisions

Hear an exclusive 'Chat on EA' interview with Robert Damashek, Binary's Chief Architect, by Stephen Ibaraki of CIPS, Canada's Association of Information Technology Professionals.

Damashek-Robert.jpg Mr. Damashek is a Federal Government thought leader in the technology and EA sectors.  He leads the development and application of Binary's Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™ applied across our practice areas. 

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In a time of shrinking budgets, increasing mission complexities, and faster technological changes, Government agencies must creatively adjust by transforming their processes, organizational structures and technologies to fulfill an expanding set of missions with less resources. Federal organizations can no longer afford projects that take a long time to produce results, fail outright – where no useful structure to support decision-making is ever delivered, or the software developed does not meet the real needs of the users, is not successfully used, or requires extensive rework to be usable.

Our Approach

Binary applies best practices from the field of agile software development to support our Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™, decoding complexities to accelerate the delivery of business value. Through a process of continuous planning and feedback, our teams are able to ensure that value is continuing to be maximized throughout the engagement or development process in line with stakeholder’s key goals and objectives.

As a result of this iterative planning and feedback loop, Binary teams are able to continuously align the outcomes required with desired business needs, easily adapting to changing requirements throughout the process. By measuring and evaluating status based on the actual strategic plan, processes or software developed, this transparency provides accurate visibility into the real progress of projects.

Finally, as a result of following an agile process, at the conclusion of a project is a strategic plan, business process, or software system that much better addresses the enterprise and stakeholder needs in an integrated and synchronized manner..

Binary’s ODEA™ delivery cycle provides

  • Quick time to value and ongoing sustainability
  • Approach can be quickly adjusted to handle disruptions
  • Manageable deliverables, reusable structures and metrics
  • Performance measurements taken frequently, results transparent to all stakeholders


The figure above is an example of Binary's ODEA™ methodology for the Army's Procure to Pay pilot

Binary’s Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™ (ODEA™) helped the Army rapidly identify an opportunity for significant reduction in payment error rates, streamline processes, and transform its Procure to Pay system, demonstrating measurable results for the pilot program.

Focusing on outcomes that mattered to stakeholders, hundreds of enterprise requirements were narrowed to a handful of critical requirements, allowing the project to succeed despite an 80% budget reduction for the pilot.

Binary continues to deliver superior results using an Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™, incorporating best practices and ongoing analysis and measurement, ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied and fulfill their ever increasing required missions with fewer resources.