MOBIS - Schedule 874

The Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) program offers a full range of management consulting and decision support services that can improve a Federal agency's performance and their endeavor in meeting mission goals.

Binary Group possesses the necessary expertise to facilitate how the federal government responds to a continuous stream of new mandates and evolutionary influence such as the President's Management Agenda; Government Performance and Results Act; Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act; OMB Circular A-76; Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act; government reinvention initiatives such as benchmarking and streamlining.

Binary’s Enterprise Architecture team can support Federal agencies with transformational initiatives, providing an agile approach to strategic planning, enterprise architecture development, BPM, re-engineering, systems engineering, system analysis & design, policy and governance, knowledge management & engineering, data/cost/change management, and application development.  

Binary applies best practices from the field of agile software development within our unique methodology,Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™ (ODEA™), to ensure value is accelerated for every consulting engagement. Binary can provide “quick strike” efforts to bridge current gaps in capabilities and get programs 'unstuck,' delivering rapid and meaningful results that matter, while supporting agency leaders on long-term strategic goals.

Binary has helped numerous agencies to show value in days or weeks, producing results quickly and cost-effectively vs. long term consulting engagements that produce "as was" artifacts and architecture that has little or no value to the program or project.  Binary has applied ODEA™ to help DoD CIOArmy CIO/G6USACE, NASA, EPA, and many other customers save millions of dollars and accelerate time to mission success. 

Binary’s MOBIS Schedule was awarded under SIN 874-1 (MOBIS Consulting Services).  NAICS Code – 541611.  Services covered include:

  • Management or strategy consulting, including research, evaluations, studies, analyses, scenarios/simulations, reports, business policy and regulation development assistance, strategy formulation, and expert witness services
  • Facilitation and related decision support services
  • Survey services, using a variety of methodologies, including survey planning, design, and development;survey administration; data validation and analysis; reporting, and stakeholder briefings
  • Advisory and assistance services in accordance with FAR 37.203

NOTE: Consulting services where the preponderance of work is specifically covered under other GSA Schedules are not permitted under this SIN; please refer to the Scope of Work in Part I of the MOBIS solicitation for further information.

To discuss how Binary can support your strategic planning needs or more information about our GSA MOBIS Schedule, please click here.