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Binary Group’s mission is to provide the highest quality solutions, products and services to our customers, striving for 100% client satisfaction on every engagement. As a trailblazer in the Federal Government sector, Binary adopted what thousands of companies across industries use to measure customer satisfaction, the Net Promoter System℠.  Developed by Fred Reichheld and a Bain & Company team, Binary uses Net Promoter Score surveys to gain valuable feedback on our company performance and the customer's satisfaction with the technology, service, and support our Binary Team delivers, with a closed-loop process to immediately address customer questions.

"Great training and awesome instructors. I learned a lot about GFEBS from the practical exercises and hands-on training."

"This was the best training I've received so far in the Army. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and explained the 'why' behind everything which was extremely valuable."

Binary goes beyond relying on Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting (CPARS), using the Net Promoter Score and ongoing checkpoint meetings throughout the contract period of performance to frequently gauge and ensure customer expectations are being met. Binary surveys customers as well as students who attend our training and education programs, incorporating feedback and ideas to continually enhance our capabilities and better address our customers’ real-time requirements and challenges

Here's what Students said about Binary's Financial Management Training Courses:

"The best training that I have received in my career." 5 stars (10)

"This was hands down the best MOS-related training I have received in 19 years." (10)

"Great training. Much better than any local or institutional hands on training I have received." (10)

"Too much time is wasted in NCOES schools; this training was very refreshing to receive the knowledge to accomplish operations." (10)

"Very good. A+++ ." (10)

"Very good training. The best I had in my military career." (9)

"One of the best MOS classes in 17 years." 5 stars(10)

“Excellent training! Very, very useful for my future.” (10)

“An excellent view of the entire FTF spectrum.” (6) 

“This is the best training for GFEBS I have had in my five years in finance” (10)

"Excellent training! Very, very useful for my future; hopefully we can get more training on GFEBS, as it is a very huge system and one mistake could cause a loss of funds and/or fine. This training is very helpful in preventing that." (10)

"This training was real-time and realistic, allowing Soldiers to be successful in future missions." (10)

"Great instructors! Informational training with hands-on in both GFEBS and DDS. The instructor was motivating and that motivated the students."

5 stars(10)

Binary's FM Trainers are Subject Matter Experts:

"Great training and awesome instructors. I learned a lot about GFEBS from the practical exercises and hands-on training." 5 stars(10)

Training is great! Instructor is fully capable. I would like to take more trainings like this." (10)

"Very knowledgeable instructors that actually taught the class instead of just talking from slides." (10)

"The instructors care deeply about their job and it shows." (10)

"The instructors were great, lively, and very smart — they made the class a joy to come to and the course content and materials were as accurate as I've ever seen." (10)

"Instructors were professional and knowledgeable. They kept me motivated and challenged and were interested in my learning experience." (10)

"The team (Binary instructors) worked well together and it was obvious they had diverse financial backgrounds to compliment each other." (10)

Note: Numbers (i.e., 10) reflect the Net Promoter Score given by the student, based on a 0 to 10 rating scale, with 10 being highly likely they would recommend Binary Group to their colleagues and friends.