Financial Management Practice

Binary Group empowers leaders and financial managers who struggle to fund ever-expanding mission requirements with the same or less resources.  Binary is the "go to" provider to the Federal financial management community, producing results quickly.  Binary helps organizations to effectively maximize resources, improve financial management and technical proficiency, and make smarter decisions, increasing purchasing power, reducing costs and time, successfully achieving audit readiness, and optimizing ongoing performance.

Finance operations and resource managers  face many challenges that can negatively impact an organization's purchasing power, Binary's FM Ecosystem™ of experts, technologies, capabilities, and 17-year track record of success can help organizations to make essential resource-informed decisions and harvest funds, enabling mission accomplishment, supporting unfunded requirements, meeting audit readiness, and continuously improving financial performance.

Binary’s Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™…our continued commitment to deliver results quickly, identify cost efficiencies and savings, and accelerate time to value for every client…maintains Binary’s competitive edge in the financial community. Binary has been providing financial and cost management solutions to the Army and DoD for over 10 years, delivering billions of dollars in value and cost savings.

With the current fiscal uncertainty and the government’s efforts to reduce the Nation’s debt, DoD has come under significant budget scrutiny, resulting in reduced funding available to accomplish its mission.  Leaders must be able to improve their organization's financial performance and successfully prepare for audit readiness.

Binary offers the financial community a different approach to improving financial management operations through better cost management, controls, reporting and training that moves organizations in the direction of “working smarter”  -- identify cost-efficiencies, clear problem transactions, enable intelligent resource-informed decisions, and improve operational performance -- to do better with less resources.

Organizations have several challenges in optimizing the Financial Management Enterprise, including little to no experience in cost management and cost-benefit analysis principles, insufficient proficiency on GFEBS and functional responsibilities, dealing with problem transactions and IDoc errors and more. Creating and sustaining a cost culture involves people, process, policies, systems, and most importantly commitment leadership dedicated to transforming the organization. 

Binary's hands-on GFEBS and other ERP/FM systems experience, functional support in all financial management aspects, Subject Matter Experts (SME) highly skilled on GFEBS and full spectrum financial operations, and proven reporting and training solutions comprise Binary's FM Ecosystem™.  Binary provides the FM Community the most in-depth expertise in every financial management discipline, a comprehensive set of technologies and capabilities, and the SMEs that understand the Army and DoD needs, helping organizations to effectively fund mission requirements, identify cost savings, and lower UFR lines.

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Binary’s broad expertise includes:

  • Supporting many Army organizations with full spectrum financial management training, (finance operations, resource management), and in-depth systems knowledge of GFEBS and FM / legacy systems
  • Program management support to the Army PEO EIS GFEBS PMO since 2005, including providing GFEBS users with help desk support
  • Supported the Army Financial Management School in developing and instructing cost management courses: Principles of Cost Analysis and Management (PCAM), Intermediate Cost Analysis and Management (ICAM) and The General Funds Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) Cost Management Course, helping the Army inculcate a cost culture through education on cost analysis and management while applying cost management principles within GFEBS to support cost- informed decision-making across the Army enterprise
  • A team with very strong government cost accounting / financial management skills with over a million hours of training and consulting services on projects and systems for Army, DoD and other clients.
  • A proven training system, SMARTi, that optimizes learning, improves proficiency and retention, and produces results fast.
  • Consulting services to support onsite needs -- over-the-shoulder support, GFEBS help desk, standard operating procedures & business process reengineering, internal controls and documentation, and other services -- enabling customers to perform their responsibilities exceptionally, produce accurate financial reports, and prepare for audit readiness.
  • Successful track record of accelerating deployments and results by applying our Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach.