GFEBS - General Fund Enterprise Business System

General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) is the US Army's web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that leverages commercial off-the-shelf business enterprise software (SAP) to enable organizations to compile and share accurate, up-to-date financial and accounting data across the entire active Army, Army Reserves and Army National Guard.

Binary’s team serves within the program management office (PMO), and has provided exemplary support and technical and functional subject matter expertise to the U.S. Army Program Executive Office, Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS), Project Manager, GFEBS since its inception in 2005. For nearly 10 years, Binary has assisted Project Manager GFEBS in successfully reaching sustainment on-time and within budget. GFEBS is currently deployed to 53,000 end users at over 200 locations in 71 countries.

Binary provides expert functional, technical, compliance, security, data management and business process reengineering services to the PMO. Binary Team’s knowledge, acquisition program management skills, and hands-on expertise on GFEBS ensured successful deployment of GFEBS worldwide to 53,000 users, replacing 80 legacy accounting and financial management systems. Results included

  • Improved financial operations and visibility for effective financial & cost management
  • Improved visibility of Property, Plant, and Equipment
  • Inter-system efficiencies and data quality through standardization, process reengineering and data validation
  • Improved GFEBS adoption through expert Tier II help desk support to users worldwide
  • Binary was awarded the GFEBS PMO re-compete Amendment 6 for project management support because of outcomes delivered quickly and cost effectively

Binary provides GFEBS training, over-the-shoulder support, and process improvements to FM units and resource management departments across the Army.   Binary stands out from all other contractors because of our combined industry knowledge and technical expertise, including:

  • Extensive and broad knowledge of Army's business and financial operations, including resource management and finance operations.
  • Hands-on experience with GFEBS, GCSS-Army, LMP, and legacy systems
  • A highly skilled team with in-depth cost management, accounting, reporting and BI expertise in GFEBS
  • Experience developing interactive training using the Training Environment Delivery (TED) simulations
  • Expert functional, technical, compliance, security and business process reengineering talent
  • Help desk support for GFEBS users worldwide to better understand current issues and challenges
  • Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™  applied to program management, training and other services provided

In addition to supporting the PEO EIS GFEBS PMO and individual FM units and commands, Binary developed and instructed the Army Financial Management School’s GFEBS training curriculum.

Binary has produced superior outcomes for our customers, including improving purchasing power, harvesting additional funds to use for mission requirements, reducing time and costs, and enhancing decision-making by helping organizations to better leverage the power of GFEBS.

The Army completed deployment of the GFEBS system in seven years. When it fully retires all legacy financial systems in 2016, it expects to save $120 million annually. GFEBS is projected to slash $950 million in costs over a decade. Moreover, the system will enable the Army to more fully comply with statutory and regulatory requirements. GFEBS is “one of the most important financial management transformations in the history of the U.S. Army,” 

Army spokesperson Pamella Gray concluded. (Baseline, By Samuel Greengard, October 24, 2012)